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Sharing mobile device content on your desktop

Web Link Published 9/30/15 Last updated on 2/28/20

I use a number of Adobe mobile apps on both iOS and Android devices. I also use both a Mac and a number of Windows computers. I have put together a weblog post covering how I currently display the contents of these mobile devices (such as Adobe Comp CC or Adobe Voice) when presenting to students and others.


Mac or Windows computer (laptop or other). iOS or Android mobile devices.

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Dr. Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 9/26/18 6:55:59 PM Permalink

​Great Link, Thank you for sharing.

Jamie Leduc

Posted on 1/24/16 9:33:33 PM Permalink

Thank you for the resource.

Mark DuBois

Posted on 10/27/15 2:05:56 PM Permalink

Hi Joel:

Glad you found it useful.

Best always,


Joel Aarons

Posted on 10/27/15 9:08:30 AM Permalink

Thanks for this resource, Mark. There are plenty of ideas here I can see about using at my school!

Mark DuBois

Posted on 10/6/15 2:49:00 PM Permalink

Hi Wendy:

Many thanks for your insights. Our school tried Apple TV and ran into some major network issues.

Best always,

Wendy Sandstrom

Posted on 10/6/15 3:20:22 PM Permalink

We saw some at first too, Bonjour is not friendly in a school environment (network environments more so). It got better for us when, I think it was last year or the year before, they made updates so you could do the Discovery part of the setup via Bluetooth instead of wifi...More importantly for this discussion, I should add that we only had 5-6 Apple TV's in our building. I could see that being much worse in a larger setup. Thanks again, MArk!

Wendy Sandstrom

Posted on 10/6/15 2:30:54 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing this, Mark. This is something that I had looked into in quite some detail a couple years ago. For the District I was with at the time, the Apple TV's worked best but I did have one teacher that tried Reflector. For us, it was a little painful as far as time to set up for more than a couple teachers but it was good for what that teacher needed it to do...and yeah, I do remember an issue with sound. They had voice amplification systems there too, which presented other challenges at times. (since then, I do not remember what they were, but I think this was with the last version of Reflector)