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GoDesignNow Print Production

Curriculum Published 1/31/13 Last updated on 5/16/18
Go Design Now Production, is a text book designed by myself and my students for my print production class. Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, this book walks a designer thru the entire print production cycle.
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Age Levels
Technology Operations and Concepts

Adobe Suite of Print publishing application.

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Luther mosher

Posted on 2/13/15 6:26:05 PM Permalink

The file is password protected so I can't print it. I was going to print and read on the train. This is disappointing.

Rick McCawley

Posted on 2/28/18 7:08:03 PM Permalink

This will become a commercial product so the copy protection is to prevent copyright violations, and keep students from using all the toner and paper in the classroom. It is available on Amazon in print form under my name.

Rick McCawley​

Cassi Cook

Posted on 1/13/14 5:30:10 AM Permalink

Thankyou this is very informative and useful for me as a high school graphic arts teacher

Rajesh Krishnan

Posted on 11/27/13 6:06:10 AM Permalink

An absolute delight to read!


Audrey Riley

Posted on 8/30/13 4:10:03 PM Permalink

Thank you. I appreciate this more than you know!

Mohammed Mahmood

Posted on 8/8/13 2:42:28 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing .

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/3/13 4:04:25 AM Permalink

Terrific resource. Thanks, Rick!

Ashley Stroud

Posted on 8/3/13 3:21:38 AM Permalink

Amazing again. Thank you.

Tabitha Daniel

Posted on 6/3/13 6:52:18 PM Permalink

This segment is better then most graphic design textbooks I've run across. Thanks for the resource!

Nathalie de Saint-Denis

Posted on 3/10/13 7:57:10 PM Permalink

<p>Tank you a lot for this team doing such a resource !<br></p>

Moses Garcia

Posted on 3/6/13 8:20:03 PM Permalink

How come whenever I try to download it there is an error that says page not found. Is it no longer available?

caroline OHagan

Posted on 3/6/13 11:15:30 AM Permalink

This is heaven sent! Have never been taught this very important aspect of the design process. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!

Bahadur Asher

Posted on 3/6/13 9:01:14 AM Permalink

Thanks Rick, I am old to RGB and new to CMYK, this is going to help me lot, will make sure to pass on to my subordinates also

Andrew Way

Posted on 3/6/13 8:54:06 AM Permalink

An excellent resource! thank you so much.

Robert Bain

Posted on 3/6/13 3:40:25 AM Permalink

Simply amazing. Thank you so much Rick!

Michael Born

Posted on 3/5/13 7:53:04 PM Permalink

An understanding of how ink is put on paper is missing from most Graphic Design courses. This is good stuff.

Tyler Page

Posted on 3/5/13 7:14:31 PM Permalink

this looks super handy. covers all the essentials. will definitely make use of it!

Emily Kellagher

Posted on 3/5/13 6:27:35 PM Permalink

This is awesome!! Thank you for making this available. I am using it myself!

marcia blanco

Posted on 3/5/13 5:27:28 PM Permalink

This is awesome!! Thank you for making this available. It will really help my program out.

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 3/5/13 4:48:16 PM Permalink

i follow your work it's very good regards

Panagiota Kolokotroni

Posted on 2/27/13 9:01:21 AM Permalink

Thank you

Josué Menjivar

Posted on 2/21/13 5:47:39 PM Permalink

Rick, this is absolutely fantastic! Really. I also teach a print production for publishing class, and I found your material very organized and informative. It's well done and it's not full of technical jargon, which I find that students tune out. Thank you for sharing this.

Terence Hughes

Posted on 2/20/13 4:58:54 PM Permalink

Very cool--thank you. (Couldn't download PDF from Firefox (Waterfox actually), but OK with Chrome)

Percy Ordonez

Posted on 2/20/13 5:11:22 AM Permalink

Excellente resource and information. Thank you for that great job!

William Oesch

Posted on 2/19/13 11:35:58 PM Permalink

Really nice job.

Adam Schlosser

Posted on 2/6/13 7:01:13 PM Permalink

Wow—this is fantastic. Thanks for posting it!

Sandra Ramey

Posted on 2/6/13 2:45:00 PM Permalink

Thanks for shareing Rick!! This is beautifully presented and well organized. I will enjoy adding this as a classroom resource to help our students with their understanding of print production!

Libby Sillis

Posted on 2/5/13 11:25:52 PM Permalink