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Calorimetry - Calculate the Specific Heat

Web Link Published 6/2/10 Last updated on 2/28/20
Use the sliders to adjust the starting mass and temperature for the water and the metal. Run the simulation and collect the data (final temperature of the system). Repeat several times, and calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal. *Challenge* Determine the possible identity of the metal based on its specific heat capacity.
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TJ Fletcher

Posted on 1/10/12 6:56:27 PM Permalink

I checked on the error I thought I was getting, but it seems to be fine. I wasn't catching the transition text upon changing the hot plate slider. The text in the English version works just fine...people should be able to move through the simulation easily.

The ChemFiles site is a simple blog site that I set up to host the various projects and files I created during my time in the classroom. I'm not much of a blogger, so it doesn't get used beyond this purpose. When I decided to play around with creating iOS apps, I used the site to create the "support" URL that Apple needs for displaying in the App Store. There's a bit of a learning curve associated with creating iOS apps using Objective C, but there are plenty of resources for learning available.

People create apps for various reasons. Unless you have a killer idea, it's probably not going to be for the money you'll make. I just wanted the experience, so that I could share with others. One of the things I've learned is that people have pretty high expectations for their $1 apps. Apple has affected this culture significantly. My opinion...your average person expects the same functionality in a $0.99 iOS app that they would expect in a $20 desktop app. It's also interesting to see how people perceive even the FREE apps. Bottom line, don't expect that people will care how much time you invest in the process of designing and developing the app. They want maximum functionality for minimum price. Since I'm more of a hobbyist, I don't generally concern myself with the negative comments.

There is a positive side, it's pretty fun to hear from people who use the apps (or other work) and take the time to write and say, "Thanks!". Or, people like yourself, who take the time and share how they've modified the ideas and look to collaborate. I've also received some great suggestions from folks, so there's always a brighter side.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


T. J.

Gaétan Veilleux

Posted on 1/10/12 3:58:11 PM Permalink


Here is my English version :

And I would like to know more about the web site and the iOS app.

I'm working on two ther simulation about calorimetry and all together they could be an interesting app.


TJ Fletcher

Posted on 1/10/12 2:46:07 PM Permalink


The URLs are working fine now. I checked out both of your simulations and they look fantastic. For some reason, the temperature didn't seem to animate on the first pass through, but if I reloaded (refreshed) the page everything worked fine. This seemed to happen on both of the simulations.

What's the URL for the English version of your heat capacity simulation?

Were you wanting to know more about creating iOS apps? Or putting up a site like ChemFiles?


T. J.

Gaétan Veilleux

Posted on 1/7/12 10:00:46 PM Permalink


I just publish an English version of my heat capacity for 6 metals.

I would apperciate if you can correct my English.

Thank you,


Gaétan Veilleux

Posted on 1/5/12 11:04:22 PM Permalink


Are the new URLs working ?

I know that both are perfectible, I must put a stop button an some explanations after, it's the part that I don't like to do. I still studying Flash and actionscript as autodidact and I like the challenge, putting a stop button and explanation is not so challenging. I'm already working on another challenge inspired by your reaction sim but on equilibrium.

I saw your ChemFiles site today and the apps you have done. I was thinking making the same move, is it worthwhile ?

Keep me in touch,


Gaétan Veilleux

Posted on 1/5/12 4:44:33 AM Permalink

I'm sorry. I've done that very fast. We were going to Quebec City to see a new show of Cirque du Soleil and I forgot a file name.

it must work.

Excuse me again,


TJ Fletcher

Posted on 1/5/12 1:13:49 AM Permalink

Hi Gaetan,

The URLs don't seem to be working for me?

T. J.

Gaétan Veilleux

Posted on 1/4/12 7:51:25 PM Permalink

Happy New Year,

Here is a part of the work you inspire me. It's not completely finished but both work fine.

The first, «Calorimetrie1» is a like yours with a choice of 4 metals. Because it's normal that you don't understand French, I translate for you the instructions. Choose a metal and put it on the scale. Determine the weight you want and put it on the hot plate. Adjust the slider under the calorimeter for the level of water you want and push the button to realize the experiment.

«Calorimetrie2» is the heat of dissolution. You must clik on one of the 6 jars. Adjust the weight. Click the jar to throw the substance in the beaker. Adjust the level of water. and push the button to realize the experiment.

I made some changes from your bt I don't verify all my work so you may encounter some tricky things but I hope not.

I promise i will translate all that in English when I will find some time.

I hope you enjoy,


TJ Fletcher

Posted on 12/13/11 12:32:38 PM Permalink

Hi Gaetan,

Thanks for making the connection. You've done a great job with your atoms and molecules animations!

I look forward to seeing the molar heat of dissolution simulation when you finish.

Keep me posted!

T. J.

Gaétan Veilleux

Posted on 12/11/11 5:06:53 PM Permalink

Hi Mr Fletcher,

I'm a retired chemistry teacher and I find yor work and your tutorial very well done.

You gave me a lot of ideas. I have actually a part time job in a private highschool here in the province of Quebec. I'm a French Cannadian and my English is not so good. But I'm working to translate your «Calorimetry - Calculate the Specific Heat» and may be make a different adaptation: molar heat of dissolution.

I recently post a part of my work here it's in Flash too, I have a lot of animation, a 3D atomic model of argon (but I've made the 18 first elements), ionic and covalent bonding, quiz of different kind.

If you want to take a look at my post «Les concepts d'atome et de molécule.» You will find a link to my personal page on «».

Great work and glad to meet someone so inspiring,

Gaetan Veilleux

ellen flaherty

Posted on 7/25/10 12:40:59 PM Permalink

All of these projects are amazing. Great work.