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Simple guide to Layer Masking in Photoshop

Presentation Published 1/29/16 Last updated on 5/16/18

This is presentation that I did for my adult education class. It's a very simple guide to layer masking with two demonstrations included. I talked through part one and then they did it, then I did part two and they followed.

For the quick people in part one, I suggested making an abstract coloured image bu putting in multiple layers and masks. They could then see the difference that changing the order of layers made.

For an extension activity in part two, using the stock shots you see here, I suggested they used what they had learned in the last lesson about cloning and patching to remove as many background people as possible.

The presentation was made in InDesign and published as a PDF. I also published it as an ePub for them to have on their phones. Only the PDF version here as the ePub is quite big.

The pictures came from an old Photodisc CD that I brought nearly 20 years ago!

Sorry, not being American, I don't know Grade levels, but I would have though most students would be able to grasp if they are learning Photoshop

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Sooz Myhill

Posted on 2/14/17 12:11:37 AM Permalink

​exactly what I was hunting for, thanks you've saved me a bunch of time! :)

christiane DELBECQUE

Posted on 1/29/16 11:06:32 PM Permalink

Pennsylvanieait c est très clairement expliqué, merci