Tim Kitchen
Senior Education Specialist (APAC)

Adobe Education Leadership Forum (Asia Pacific) 2014 - recordings

Presentation Published 3/25/14 Last updated on 6/8/17
Adobe Education Leadership Forum 2014

1st & 2nd April, 2014 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Asia Pacific Adobe Education Leadership Forum 2014 was an opportunity to hear from industry leaders and senior educators from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, India, China and Japan about the latest trends and success stories across the Asia Pacific region. A range of presenters from Adobe will also be featuring.

Click here to access the Forum website for more information

All the recordings have been consolidated into the one website linked to this post.

Communication and Collaboration, Technology Operations and Concepts
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Tyler Dockery

Posted on 5/13/15 10:34:36 PM Permalink

This is fantastic! Thanks for providing this.

Din Tan

Posted on 11/5/14 12:29:58 AM Permalink

Hi Tim, got it now, thanks!! :)

Tim Kitchen

Posted on 11/5/14 12:22:31 AM Permalink

Din Tan

Posted on 11/4/14 1:21:25 AM Permalink

Hi Tim, is the link closed? Can I still access to the videos?

Tim Kitchen

Posted on 4/9/14 9:39:25 PM Permalink

Yes - I'm currently working on the videos that did not get streamed live.

James Hamilton

Posted on 4/3/14 3:37:47 AM Permalink

Tim, will there be a video for Mark King's session?

Vorasuang Duangchinda

Posted on 4/2/14 5:37:36 PM Permalink

Thank you Tim ^_^

Tim Kitchen

Posted on 3/30/14 8:53:22 PM Permalink

Thanks Judy

Should be OK now

Judy Durkin

Posted on 3/28/14 2:29:54 AM Permalink

The click here button puts me into a loop where I never access the information. Hmmm. I did download the schedule but I don't have the links and never did get to the Forum website.