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Using Adobe Voice in the Foreign Languages Classroom

Posted on 6/10/14 by Pip Cleaves Last updated on 6/8/17


Adobe Voice

Use the Adobe Voice app in the Foreign Languages Classroom for hte following activities

  • Self Introductions (see link below)
  • Descriptive language practice
  • Create a dictionary (vocabulary, grammar or script)
  • Flashcards - create a deck focussed on a specific genre and share link with peers
  • Cultural explanations

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All Comments (8)

Maria Rotta

Posted on 2/22/15 - Permalink

Great idea! I will use it with my ESL students. They could make a video of their home- family and share with the rest of the class.

Duane Erickson

Posted on 10/2/14 - Permalink

I really like this idea. Just passed this onto our Spanish teacher.

Deborah Hargroves

Posted on 9/24/14 - Permalink

Great idea for an application for Adobe Voice! I love it (although I can't understand a word of it!)

Fredrik Andersson

Posted on 7/5/14 - Permalink

I mean, I got the point, just...

Pip Cleaves

Posted on 7/7/14 - Permalink

Hi Frederik,

No lesson plan for this. It was just an example of how you could use Voice in teh foreign languages classroom.

I would definitely follow these steps:

  • provide outcomes and criteria for marking
  • get students to story board and write a draft copy of the introduction on paper / other platform
  • get students to think of what sort of images they will use - or find their own and upload to iPad / upload to a dropbox folder
  • intro students by showing them the basic workflow for the adobe Voice App
  • let them play with the app to learn the necessary skills and to problem solve some skill deficiencies
  • let them create
  • have a 'sharing session' with a friend for a 'mid point' feedback
  • polish their videos according to feedback from friends
  • have a class 'sharing session' and have students feedback using the criteria given at the beginning.

Fredrik Andersson

Posted on 7/5/14 - Permalink

Is there a written lesson plan too? I can only see the link

Dawnette Brenner

Posted on 6/24/14 - Permalink

I love this idea and could have used it last year when I had three Chinese Exchange students. :)

I will definitely be using this lesson plan. :)

Denise Webb

Posted on 6/17/14 - Permalink

Great lesson idea! Thanks for sharing.