Kevin McMahon
Instructor, Freelancer & Founder: Art-Heroes.Org

"Principles of Design" Animation

Presentation Published 9/7/15 Last updated on 6/8/17

An animated introduction to the Principles of Design

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Thabiso Mofokeng

Posted on 2/3/17 9:31:13 PM Permalink

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the great tutorial. Do you know a good book I can use for my Principles of Design class?



chuck routhier

Posted on 8/13/16 4:54:16 PM Permalink

great job!

Judi Wollenziehn

Posted on 3/7/16 1:45:05 AM Permalink

Excellent - I plan to share this with our Interior Design teacher!

Hande Karabacak

Posted on 3/1/16 12:30:45 PM Permalink


Mohamed Omar

Posted on 2/9/16 10:51:22 AM Permalink

Awesome anime!

Christian Gutierrez

Posted on 9/23/15 4:37:34 PM Permalink

Great animation resource Kevin!!!

Thanks for sharing it

Scarlett Daugherty

Posted on 9/21/15 3:11:30 PM Permalink

Great animation and audio. Clearly stated and easy to understand. Helps to introduce the topics of Elements and Principles of Design in a way to draw student attention.

allison newton

Posted on 9/20/15 8:31:13 PM Permalink

Great visual, kept my attention. Nice and simple.

Deila Bumgardner

Posted on 9/15/15 4:46:20 PM Permalink

Great resource! Clearly articulated visual concepts. Thanks Kevin!

Amanda Gordon

Posted on 9/10/15 12:33:50 AM Permalink

Great movie, just wish it went on for longer!

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 9/7/15 9:04:09 PM Permalink

Thanks Mike - coming from one of my own Art Heroes, that means a great deal. Additionally, please know that I have truly appreciated your feedback throughout this creative process.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/7/15 7:19:28 PM Permalink

Just incredible, Kevin. A killer resource for all of us to share with our students.

Thank you for spending untold hours designing and refining this gem. HERO!