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How to get people started using Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 10/8/13 by Andrew Bleach Last updated on 6/8/17


Line drawing using gradient fill

A simple method of getting users used to the tools and the work environment of Adobe Photoshop CS6 without being overwhelmed by the complexity of the software. This lesson provides foundation principles that students can build upon. I use it as the absolute first lesson for any group, children to adults, to get them started in Photoshop.

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Content Standards
Western Australia
ISTE NETS·S Standards
Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts

Beginning:  Adobe Photoshop CS6 and preselected simple workable black and white line drawing (RGB)

Intermediate and above:  Scanner or graphics tablet, selection of brushes and fill patterns.

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Karen Henchy

Posted on 5/25/14 - Permalink

Very nice resource! Thanks for sharing!

Elaine Cavalheiro

Posted on 10/9/13 - Permalink

Nice resource!Very useful,I really like it!

Suzanne OConnor

Posted on 10/9/13 - Permalink

So simple - what a great resource. Can't wait to try this out with my Stage 2 group. Thanks for sharing this one.

Kirsty Watts

Posted on 10/9/13 - Permalink

A great resource, thank you for sharing. I wonder how this would work using Photoshop Touch on the iPad. I am going to be teaching it to Year 3 and 4 students next year and will try to adapt to suit.

mitzi mize

Posted on 10/9/13 - Permalink

Yes, I too like the large amount of class time this gives the students to work on it, it gives me the freedom to roam and observe them which I so enjoy. As simple as it may seem, I often forget the easy tasks. This reminds me I can keep it simple and "cool" for the undergrads! At the same time now I have something to get my younger nieces excited about something in PS! I really enjoy having the PDF and the .swf resource because some students prefer one over the other for learning.

Linda Dickeson

Posted on 10/8/13 - Permalink

Thanks for sharing this resource in the eSeminar! I'll enjoy looking at it more closely here.

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