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Basic Rules Of Filming With A DSRL.- Flipped/Open Sourced Learning Material- Adobe Spark Page-

Web Link Published 10/29/16 Last updated on 2/28/20

The Basic Rules Of Filming With A DSLR.- ADOBE SPARK PAGE

Is an open sourced learning material that is designed to be used in a flipped classrooms environment to develop technical skills,

in video film making. All videos have been vetted for context and have been considered in the technical workflow of the student.

You should use this alongside an activity when they are in class.

This is where the classroom can become creative, due to the bedrock knowledge being learned through independent study.

  1. Some of the theme I have used have been:
  2. Halloween Lighting.
  3. Macro Flowers
  4. Kelvin Balancing the seasons.

The use of open sourced and flipped learning is to develop an independent learner in the student. Flipped learning interns when practiced correctly allow students to creatively explore within their own practice and creative development.

Basic Rules of FIlming with a DSLR >>> Link to Open Source

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

  • Story

    Collaborative screenwriting, reporting, and scheduling tools

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

1+ Week
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Empowered Learner, Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer, Students: Knowledge Constructor

You will need access to a DSLR camera in order to practice the mechanics of the video content.

You may also want to include-

  1. Lightmeter- You can download free lightmeters from your app store that give an ok meter reading.
  2. Tripod
  3. White paper for white balancing.
  4. A variety of lenses including: Primes, Macro, 200-300mm, micro 4/3
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