Jeffrey Diamond
Instructor- Digital Media

Jeopardy Game built with Captivate

Digital Asset Published 7/25/12 Last updated on 5/16/18
Built with Captivate 6 based on an older file in the Captivate exchange.
CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial
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Candice Sankarsingh

Posted on 2/2/17 8:22:49 PM Permalink

​I noticed some flaws in the conditional action Test Score.

As you click on point cards particularly in the right column, answer the questions and jump back, you realize that the card that is hidden or disabled isn't the one you just answered.

I only bring it up because this is a dilemma I have been struggling with in trying to create branching questions that jump back to a single menu. Typically, I want the menu to consistently 1) show that you have already attempted a particular question, 2) the outcome was either good or bad 3) disable it so that the user doesn't go clicking there again.

Any ideas?

Ira Siegel

Posted on 4/30/16 10:28:10 PM Permalink

Great project! I'm actually thinking of changing my module quizzes into something like this instead of the traditional T/F or Multiple Guess quizzes to make it more fun, thanks for posting!

Tanja Darden

Posted on 11/12/15 6:35:11 PM Permalink

I can't get the review portion of the quiz to work. Any suggestions?

P Captain

Posted on 9/13/14 2:40:40 PM Permalink

Works in Captivate 8, thanks!

John Doherty

Posted on 9/6/12 6:30:16 PM Permalink

Captivate is really flexible and can used to support many areas across the curriculum.

Christian Schett

Posted on 8/1/12 1:14:13 PM Permalink

Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. Smile