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Video Scavenger Hunt Activity

Digital Asset Published 9/16/14 Last updated on 5/15/18

This collaborative camera handling scaffolding activity asks participants to capture a variety of shots and experiment with different camera angles.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Photoshop Elements

    Organize, edit, create, and share your photos.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements

    Organize, edit, create, and share your videos.

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Aziz Soubai

Posted on 6/22/18 2:19:19 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing

Bernice Young

Posted on 12/20/16 12:12:09 AM Permalink

​Excellent! I've never been a big fan of Video Scavenger Hunts. I am now. This is great!

Gail Holinka

Posted on 12/5/14 3:17:25 PM Permalink

Great list and a way to practice the new techniques.

Valerie Agramonte

Posted on 11/30/14 8:23:11 PM Permalink

This will be great practice for a beginner like me!

karin h

Posted on 11/23/14 10:57:47 AM Permalink

thanks for the resource

Samantha Spencer

Posted on 11/13/14 9:38:15 PM Permalink

Good activity, but the word intricate is spelled incorrectly.

Megha Arora

Posted on 11/4/14 7:43:50 AM Permalink

Great activity.


Posted on 10/28/14 8:14:04 PM Permalink

Nice, can't wait to try those out!

Amruta K

Posted on 10/28/14 5:32:56 AM Permalink

Nice Activity..

Natasa Zabrcanec

Posted on 10/27/14 6:20:23 PM Permalink

Great resource!

Bhuvana Sriram

Posted on 10/25/14 4:59:49 PM Permalink

Very interesting activity to learn different camera shots.

Alisha Crawford

Posted on 10/22/14 5:23:43 PM Permalink

Good practice to help them learn the different camera shots now I'll try this activity soon.

Konstantin Koehler

Posted on 10/20/14 3:23:23 PM Permalink

Great fun for the participants!

Stella Maris Berdaxagar

Posted on 10/19/14 10:55:23 AM Permalink

Handy guide!