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Lesson Plan Published 7/31/13 Last updated on 2/28/20

Here is a simple and fun photography project - just sharply spin the camera as you take a photo, and take the photo in a lowish light so that the shutter speed is also low. It helps to have the subject howl as you take the photo.

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William Cortez

Posted on 6/21/19 6:12:41 AM Permalink

​There's a bit of scariness but it helps in the photography skill of students.

Judy Durkin

Posted on 9/28/18 9:42:58 PM Permalink

​Sort of silly, but the results are great and the students had a hoot doing it. Great around Halloween. Thanks

Aziz Soubai

Posted on 6/22/18 12:21:30 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing your work

Chris Clark

Posted on 6/6/17 7:42:50 PM Permalink

​Haha! Quick, clever, creative.

Greg Hodgson

Posted on 8/13/13 9:32:10 AM Permalink

Like the Howl Ross. This is a great way to get students thinking about time and image too!