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Dodge, Burn, Blur and Hide & Seek

Technical Tutorial Published 12/4/14 Last updated on 5/15/18

This short tutorial and activity will run you through the Dodge, Burn and Blur Tools which replicate dark room techniques.

You will then use these skills for a game of digital hide & seek. Digital hide & seek involves using your Photoshop skills to hide images inside another image without them looking out of place.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Photoshop Elements

    Organize, edit, create, and share your photos.

Age Levels
1-2 Hours



Image (preferably a school photo)

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Aziz Soubai

Posted on 6/20/18 1:18:33 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing your resources

Scott Winland

Posted on 3/10/17 7:51:28 PM Permalink

​Great - resource!


Trent Dooley

Posted on 11/11/16 2:12:01 AM Permalink

​Another great resource. Thanks

steven zeichner

Posted on 11/10/15 5:09:23 PM Permalink

I do a similar project called "Subtle Changes", where students take an image, and using Photoshop, make very subtle changes. They alter something inside the original image or place something from another image. In either case, they are required to match resolution, color, and shadow.

Vivian Jones

Posted on 11/6/15 4:33:05 PM Permalink


Kev Lavery

Posted on 1/13/15 11:12:12 AM Permalink

Links working properly again now.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Denise Dejonghe

Posted on 1/17/15 7:23:10 PM Permalink

Thanks for fixing it and thanks for sharing your ideas and hard work.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/8/15 5:16:43 PM Permalink

Sweet concept, Kev. Thanks!

If it matters, the resource downloaded just fine for me.

Denise Dejonghe

Posted on 1/8/15 5:03:37 PM Permalink

Great idea! I would like to see your resource file, but I get the same error message as Judy: Duplicate headers received from server. I tried different browsers, so I'm not sure why it causes an error.

Kev Lavery

Posted on 1/9/15 6:40:28 AM Permalink

Hi Denise,

I've reuploaded the file in the hope that that sorts it out.

Denise Dejonghe

Posted on 1/9/15 6:44:49 PM Permalink

Thanks, Kev but unfortunately I get the same error. It might be that you are using the same file name for multiple documents because when I click further into the error message it says:


I am really enjoying your creative teaching ideas and getting inspired for an image editing course that I start teaching next week.

Kev Lavery

Posted on 1/9/15 9:30:23 PM Permalink

Thanks Denise. I'm having that problem now too. I can access it fine on my phone though which is odd.

Each time I try to edit the resource it ends up stalling and pinwheeling until I quit so I can't remove files just add them. It's weird. Luckily it only seems to be happening with this resource.

I've been in contact with the Abode Help Center and they are going to try upload it for me.

I'm glad you are enjoying my stuff. I really appreciate the feedback.

Judy Durkin

Posted on 12/15/14 11:20:00 AM Permalink

This sounds so terrific - but I cannot get the resource files to download. I get a message: whoops - how do I make the type below smaller? How embarrassing.

Duplicate headers received from server

Kev Lavery

Posted on 1/9/15 6:41:35 AM Permalink

Hi Judy,

Have uploaded another version of the file - hopefully you can access it now.

Clint Balsar

Posted on 12/10/14 12:24:51 PM Permalink

A really fun way to introduce this skill!

Dominic McCall

Posted on 12/8/14 2:46:04 PM Permalink

Wow! I really like this tight tutorial clear, steps, sense of humour all of which I know my students like!