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Animal Logos - Animated GIF in Photoshop

Assignment Published 6/4/14 Last updated on 5/15/18

This is a 5 lesson (55 minute lessons) unit for students aged 11-13. I have tried to provide some flexibility in their design choices so that the project will become more meaningful for them. The idea is that each student is to create a simple animated GIF using Photoshop. Their topic is to choose an animal they really like and combine it with some text relating to themselves. I have set this out in 5 lessons, each with a different focus but each building on and revisiting topics from the previous lesson. The lesson themes are as follows:

Lesson 1: Rotoscoping process and introduction to the project topic.

Lesson 2: Rotoscoping process of one image and Photoshop drawing tools.

Lesson 3: Animated GIFs and introducing Puppet Warp.

Lesson 4: Applying Puppet Warp.

Lesson 5: Timeline control and easing in and out.

I have also included some physical activities for the students to reinforce concepts regarding frame rates and pinning in Puppet Warp.

I have placed all of the relevant files in the attached zip folder. I hope you find some of these ideas useful.

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1+ Day
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Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop
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Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer, Students: Knowledge Constructor

Photoshop CS6 or CC

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