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How To Create And Play Full Page Background Video In A Web Page

Technical Tutorial Published 7/28/15 Last updated on 7/26/18

It is becoming increasingly rare these days to visit a site where you don’t encounter a video playing, full screen, under the content. One of the questions I usually encounter around this technique is: ”How do they do that?”

The intention of this 4-parts series is to show you how to do it and ensure it plays smoothly. It is simply not enough to put a video a video into a

on a web page and expect it to play smoothly everywhere and on every device.

In this series I will be:

  • Encoding a video and using a couple of free tools.
  • Using a free Adobe Muse widget to add a video to the background of a page.
  • Showing the basic HTML5 code that will let you easily add a video to a web page’s background.

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Clint Balsar

Posted on 8/3/15 5:20:09 PM Permalink

I've been looking for something exactly like this. Thanks for the post!