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Adobe iPad Apps - Increase your creativity with Adobe iPad Apps

Lesson Plan Published 9/15/15 Last updated on 2/28/20

The Adobe iPad Apps class is a showcase of the different Adobe Apps that are available. Due to recent changes in the Adobe App choices (Adobe Ideas dropped from the Creative Cloud). The Class includes what apps are available in the app store - rather than a focus on one of the apps.

The workshop does not aim to teach the participants how to use the apps, the objective is to showcase the apps. And for the participants to have a better expectation of what each app function is (video, audio, presentation, drawing, planning etc.)

Most people are slow to adapt using the iPad in any meaningful way. Most people want to know how they can improve their workflow - not make it more difficult by using inferior versions of apps they have on their desktop. This workshop objective is to help user know when they can use iPad apps to reach different goals.

Visit the Class Resource page for sample of work created with Adobe iPad Apps that you can use in your class.

The class feedback form is also included.


Age Levels
1-2 Hours

iPad with internet access - may need password to download apps. 

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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 4/25/17 8:10:52 PM Permalink

Great resource

Jamie Leduc

Posted on 1/24/16 9:35:02 PM Permalink

Thank you for the resource.

Cadice Leanw

Posted on 9/19/15 1:51:53 PM Permalink

Many thanks for this resource !