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Twister: Make a fake Twitter Page

Web Link Published 9/8/11 Last updated on 6/7/17
Here's a great resource for inspiration on how students can make their own fake Twitter pages. This is also a project idea. This is a great way to study history, politics, science, or any content area where students are studying historical figures or leaders in the field. This site does it for you, but would be a great jumping off point to a Photosohop project where students use Photoshop to design their own fake Twitter page. After studying a famous historical figure, students can "summarize" what they have learned by creating a fake Twitter page with a possible tweet from that person. This requires a lot of higher order thinking. What would the person say? What hashtag might they use? What might their username be? What would their background or avatar look like?') no-repeat left;" align="center">
Twister Sample

Click here to see the full picture sample.

Before creating their "fake" Twitter pages in Photoshop, students should look at the link provided in this resource for inspiration. Then they should also check out various "true" Twitter pages and tweets on Twitter from present-day famous people who are leaders in their field. For creating the background page, and have a repeating pattern in the background page, see also the "Photoshop for Kids: Patterns" tutorial. For creating the avatar, see also the "Reveal Yourself: Create a custom Avatar!" post by Mike Skocko.

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Sandra Hodges

Posted on 2/22/15 2:19:29 AM Permalink

This is cool! I work in a Middle School - so students are not as "ready" as high school age to stretch themselves. Perhaps a group Twitter page would work for my students.

Barbara Swanner

Posted on 8/10/14 2:04:44 AM Permalink

Very good project, really like the higher level thinking skills being used. High school students would really get into doing this, great educational use of apps they use all the time.

uma ravi

Posted on 7/15/14 4:58:54 PM Permalink

Very challenging.A real blend of history and technology .Can be widely for any class.Thanks for sharing

Lourdes Fuller

Posted on 7/13/14 11:59:33 PM Permalink

The students have to go through multiple steps for doing this assignment, high order thinking.


Posted on 7/3/14 10:44:27 PM Permalink

Smart and challenging. Great way to have students use their favorite apps with and academic perspective. This could be part of any class. Great idea.


Posted on 1/19/14 11:54:38 PM Permalink

I loved this idea! I strongly believe that "role play" is one of the most effective strategies to learn history. I can imagine how this project could connect the real experience of students and the past. Great!

Deb Joseph

Posted on 9/2/13 10:26:55 PM Permalink

Great idea for integrating disciplines AND teaching digital citizenship! Really inspired. Ideas are popping for me now - Thank you!

Suzanne Cronin

Posted on 8/9/13 3:47:13 AM Permalink

I think this is inspired!

Eric Dumas

Posted on 8/5/13 4:37:53 PM Permalink

A great way to integrate technology to history and vice-versa. It might be a good idea to blend disciplines: history teacher and maths and... all to have an input on a final piece linking learning and creating

John Doherty

Posted on 10/14/12 9:09:52 PM Permalink

Love the idea but some people may not appreicate the humour.

Eva LaMar

Posted on 12/30/11 5:49:15 AM Permalink

This has potential that is only limited by our imagination. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/9/11 3:56:41 PM Permalink

Added to favorites. Yet another Nikki D resource to rip off! ;)