Kevin McMahon
VPA Dept Chair, Founder of Design Dojo and Art Heroes

Elements of Art Posters

Curriculum Published 4/19/15 Last updated on 8/24/18

After +100 hours of development and with great help from the AEL community, these "Elements of Art" posters are finally available for purchase. They have been updated for 2018 are now available here:

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Kevin McMahon

Posted on 8/24/18 3:58:05 AM Permalink

Jeremy Sims

Posted on 8/23/18 11:14:27 PM Permalink

​I love these posters and would love to use them in my art classroom. The purchasing link is currently broken however. Any other way to get a hold of them ? Thanks

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 8/24/18 3:58:29 AM Permalink

Stephen Horvath

Posted on 4/10/18 2:41:27 PM Permalink

​When I look at the preview, these posters are great! But, the link is currently broken...

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 8/24/18 3:58:57 AM Permalink

Justin Rigsby

Posted on 11/11/17 3:50:02 AM Permalink

​The link is broken, does anyone have these posters that could share them with us?


Kevin McMahon

Posted on 8/24/18 3:59:32 AM Permalink

stacie james

Posted on 7/12/17 2:55:29 AM Permalink

​The Art Hereos link is broken - do you have a new link?

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 8/24/18 3:59:50 AM Permalink

Ebony Robinson

Posted on 5/20/17 5:19:52 AM Permalink

​Where can I purchase these?

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 8/24/18 4:00:14 AM Permalink

Abi Paytoe Gbayee

Posted on 8/8/15 1:40:36 AM Permalink

Is there a place where I can purchase them for my elementary art classroom?

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 8/24/18 4:00:34 AM Permalink

Craig Gundlach

Posted on 6/27/15 7:39:20 AM Permalink

Great resource!


Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/19/15 7:13:49 PM Permalink

Kevin, you exemplify the HERO in Art Heroes. Superb resource.

+1 in perpetuity.