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Research and writing for design projects

Posted on 11/11/13 by Adobe Education Last updated on 6/8/17


Depending on the project, sometimes a client or another team member will provide the content and sometimes the designer is expected to create or take the content and make it project ready. Use this activity to review the general rules of writing to facilitate how the content is written and presented and/or giving advice to a client on content creation and presentation. Additionally students will learn how to research and write content for theme, purpose, and audience.

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Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Custom Standards
ACA Dreamweaver 1.2; ACA InDesign 2.1
ISTE NETS·S Standards
Communication and Collaboration, Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • 1-2 Hours
  • 1+ Day
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  • Semester
  • Year
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