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Create a printing test strip in Photoshop

Technical Tutorial Published 11/21/16 Last updated on 3/1/20

Often the results of printing a digital image are less than satisfactory, as the colours and tones represented on a screen are not the same as those that can be produced with ink on paper. More often than not, a photograph will appear brighter on screen than it does on paper. One simple method of improving the print quality is to print a test strip first. This involves creating an image with differently exposed areas, then printing it and manually checking the colours and tones to see what exposure provides the best quality.

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Bruce Wilson

Posted on 12/24/18 2:00:27 PM Permalink

I agree with David R. ​

David R

Posted on 10/17/18 1:42:51 PM Permalink

Poor methodology. A proper test strip will be variations on one single area so that a direct comparison can be made of the adjustments. This method breaks up an image into separate sections which may contain variables and make accurate assessment hit-and-miss.