Irene Manion

Creating a Grid of 9 images in Photoshop

Technical Tutorial Published 1/22/14 Last updated on 2/28/20

A range of Photoshop tools are used to create a single image 3 x 3 image grid of 9 linked photographs. Tools used include working in layers, resizing images, matching image resolution for two images, using Rulers to create Guides, Actions created and then used to complete a range of tasks. Layer Masks are also used as well as Adjustment Layers.

  • Photoshop

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Age Levels
1+ Week
ISTE Standards
Students: Computational Trainer

Photoshop CS6 is the version used, but the same thing can be executed on earlier versions.

A collection of 9 photos that are related in some way. It could be location, colour, leading lines, pattern.

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Claire Richards

Posted on 1/11/16 6:24:50 PM Permalink

I was hoping you were going to use actions in this project! I will show this to the students creating the school magazine and as a photography project.

Irene Manion

Posted on 1/12/16 12:52:34 PM Permalink

Hi Claire,

Actions really speed up the process of editing and resizing photos. Hope your students find the tutorial useful.


Lewis Bloomfield

Posted on 1/22/14 12:18:21 PM Permalink

Dead link to the youtube video?

Irene Manion

Posted on 1/24/14 12:12:52 PM Permalink

Thanks for letting me know. It was the wrong URL. It seems to be ok now.