Learning reading and reading comprehension

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These free, creative teaching resources are designed to make reading comprehension exciting and spark young students' desire to learn to read.

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About this collection of reading activities

Creativity is at the forefront of the Adobe Education Exchange’s mission. Each resource introduces digital applications of learning designed to excite and inspire students to learn content more deeply. This curation of creative reading activities and lesson plans will equip you with the tools and resources you need to teach kids to read. As you teach reading comprehension strategies with our thoughtfully curated reading activities, you'll tap into your students’ curiosity.

Each reading resource is flexible, so you can adapt any one of them to your teaching objectives. Do you want to engage and excite students to learn how to read? How about introducing reading comprehension in a fun and approachable manner? We have an abundance of resources that can be seamlessly integrated into any lesson plan to help you motivate students to learn to read and create a magical classroom environment.

Our reading resources are created by educators for educators to ensure that you can engage, excite, and inspire your students. Instill confidence in young learners and introduce them to reading through fun activities and set them up for long-term success. These resources make reading easy and fun, so your students can enjoy learning how to read.

Motivate young readers with creative reading activities

The Adobe Education Exchange is a free learning platform and community, created by educators for educators, to ignite creativity and promote digital literacy. The Adobe for Education team is dedicated to designing, curating, and presenting unique learning opportunities that combine traditional curricula with innovative software tools. These free resources will empower you to teach kids to read through hands-on digital application of learning. Go beyond content knowledge and inspire students to learn reading and enhance their communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and presentation skills. Our resources will help you prepare students for success in the 21st century.

Regardless of how you choose to use our resources, either as supplemental material or to design a whole course, they’ll motivate students to learn to read in new ways. Each resource can be adapted or reimagined to align with your teaching objectives and students’ learning goals. No matter your students' proficiency in reading comprehension strategies or their understanding of Adobe’s software, our resources are easy to use across any software license and on any device. Additionally, our education team provides step-by-step instructions and tutorials with every activity and project to facilitate the lesson planning process.

Frequently asked questions

Inspire your students to become proficient readers by incorporating our unique digital applications of learning. Leverage the Adobe Education Exchange’s thoughtful and creative resources to teach kids to read. Through our easy-to-use software tools you can introduce students to reading-comprehension strategies that will empower them to learn quickly.

The creative opportunities provided by Adobe’s digital tools challenge your students to learn content more deeply and make learning reading unique and creative. Your students will enjoy our fun reading comprehension activities and be motivated to grow their reading skills.

Whether you’re teaching young learners to read for the first time or reinforcing previous learnings, we have lots of free and exciting resources that incorporate creative software tools to make reading fun. Each resource is carefully curated to align with reading standards and will help you create a meaningful learning experience. Easily introduce resources that promote digital literacy by reviewing the step-by-step instructions and tutorials that are included with each reading exercise and project.