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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Project Photoshop Streaming program.

How is Project Photoshop Streaming different from the standard Creative Cloud Photoshop downloaded from the Creative Cloud website?

Project Photoshop Streaming is identical to the Photoshop you’d install locally with a few notable exceptions. This build can be accessed from any Chrome browser (Windows only) or Chromebook and does not require a full download and install. In other words, this is the same build of Photoshop you’d typically download and install from Creative Cloud, however, instead of being installed on your local machine, it is running in a virtualized environment so can be accessed from any Chrome browser or Chromebook. Because this version of Photoshop is running in a virtualized environment, you open, save, export and recover files from/to your Google Drive rather than your local file share. Also this Beta version of the virtualized environment does not have support for GPU consequently GPU dependent features are not yet available (coming soon). This build also does not yet support for print.

What is being installed on my machine when I select Project Photoshop Streaming from the Chrome Web Store?

Project Photoshop Streaming installs a web app that runs in the Chrome app sandbox to enable access to the Chrome Web store as well as other Chrome app services. For more information about Chrome apps, please consult

What are the requirements to run the Project Photoshop Streaming?

Streaming Photoshop can be run on any Chromebook or Chrome Browser. The experience is currently only supported for Windows operating systems. The experience is not supported on mobile devices or in Virtual environments.

  Windows requirements
Operating system Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor Intel Pentium 4 or later
Free disk space 350 MB
RAM 512 MB
  • Network requirements – 5 mbps /max latency 250
  • Screen resolution – no limitations
  • Minimum browser – Chrome version 35
  • Minimum Chromebook – current generation within the last two years

What features are not available?

Because the streaming version of the app does not run on a GPU, the following features are not available currently (but will be coming soon): Additionally other input devices such as scanners, audio, and printing is not currently supported.

Will Creative Cloud apps now be streamed from the cloud?

No, all Creative Cloud products are downloaded and installed on your local system. (We also continue to offer locally downloaded and installed 30 day trials of all desktop products.) However, with Project Photoshop Streaming, we are experimenting with ways to provide additional access our products that are hardware independent—in other words, the ability to access our products from any device without having to download and install.

Is Project Photoshop Streaming an indication that Adobe will be virtualizing the Creative Cloud products?

Creative Cloud products will continue to be available as local download and install.

If I cancel my membership, can I use the online version to edit my files?

Project Photoshop Streaming is restricted to active Creative Cloud subscribers.

What if I lose network connectivity? Do I lose my work?

If network connectivity is lost, you will need to launch a new session. A recovery folder called ‘Photoshop Recovery’ will be created in the root of your Google drive. To recover files, simply double click to open a file.

How long can I use Project Photoshop Streaming?

Project Photoshop Streaming will run for six months starting September 29th.

In what regions is this available?

Chrome and Chromebook Streaming Photoshop is currently restricted to North America only.

How do I get support if I encounter issues?

Please post your issues to the Support Forum. Login with your Adobe ID.

Beta Applications

Thank you for your interest. At this time, applications for the Project Photoshop Streaming beta program are not being accepted.