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This free presenter-led training is designed to work in tandem with our self-paced course Adobe Express in the Classroom, which aims to provide a starting point for educators who want to build their confidence with visual storytelling and Adobe Express before diving into this professional learning kit. 

If you’re already confident with Adobe Express and want to dive straight in, this kit provides you with all the tools and materials you need to quickly and easily facilitate high quality, relevant and effective Adobe Express training sessions.

Craft your own training experience

Adobe has a range of creative apps dedicated to creating meaningful digital content, but this professional learning kit focuses on Adobe Express, an industry-standard tool that gives students, educators and faculty everything they need to create standout graphics, flyers, photos, presentations, web pages, and videos - and express themselves in unique and beautiful ways both inside and outside the classroom.

In this presenter-led training, you’ll find everything you need to bring Adobe Express to teachers and students in your school community, as well as materials to help you facilitate sustained creative learning for students of any age in any classroom.

Remember that all the resources and materials in this professional learning kit are flexible and adaptable, so you’re free to use them however you like to fit your own educational context.

After working through this resource, you will:

  • gain access to the full Adobe Express Professional Learning Kit, plus all related resources;
  • understand everything you need to facilitate an adobe Express professional development session in your school or institution;
  • be confident in your ability to teach and learn creativity skills with adobe Express.

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The materials in this presenter-led training will take about 2 hours to fully review. By understanding and utilizing everything the Adobe Express Professional Learning Kit has to offer, you’ll have everything you need to facilitate your own 1-2 hour professional development (PD) session with Adobe Express.

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