Watch your students’ creativity soar with these FREE Adobe, Khan Academy, and Pixar in a Box lessons, templates, activities and projects.

In this self-paced course, you’ll learn strategies to support your students’ creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. You’ll learn from expert teachers and access over 100 FREE lesson plans, activities, and projects that combine Khan Academy content and engaging Adobe tools.

You’ll also gain access to hundreds of Adobe Express remixable templates to choose from to match lessons on any topic across grade-levels, so you never need to fear a blank canvas again! All the resources and materials in this course are flexible and adaptable, so you’re free to use them however you like to fit your own educational context.

The course and accompanying materials span grade levels from K–12 to higher ed, and cover subject areas including math, science, computer science, literature and language, storytelling, careers, social studies, and history. You may wish to assign the course video tutorials and lesson plans directly to your students, or you could even use these materials as inspiration to create your own lesson plans and projects that speak directly to your specific educational context.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • effortlessly create in any subject using Adobe Express remixable templates
  • infuse creativity into any discipline, both in your classroom and in flexible learning environments
  • harness the power of creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration for deeper learning and content retention
  • choose and utilize the right Adobe creative tools to meet your learning objectives
  • access ready-to-use activities and projects for your classroom
  • adapt the provided teaching resources for any subject or grade level

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The learning content in this course will take about 3 hours to fully review, and includes an optional assignment to help consolidate your learning. The course is self-paced, so you’ll be able to work at your own speed through the materials.

Once you have marked each course lesson as complete and your assignment has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive a digital badge and a certificate for 3 hours of accredited professional learning.

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