Enhance your students’ creativity through visual storytelling

By teaching students how to tell their own creative visual stories, or to respond to what they learn with images and videos, you’re automatically encouraging them to engage more deeply with their learning, because they are creating something meaningful, powerful, and personal to them.

In this course, you’ll learn how to help your students get more out of their learning by designing, creating and presenting powerful visual stories with clarity and ease. You’ll also learn how engaging with visual storytelling techniques helps your students develop enhanced digital literacy and communication skills applicable to any industry. It’s never been easier to encourage creativity and capture the imagination of your students.

Engage your students with essential creative and digital skills

Adobe has a range of creative apps dedicated to creating meaningful digital content, but this course focuses on Adobe Express, an industry-standard tool that gives students, educators and faculty everything they need to create standout graphics, flyers, photos, presentations, web pages, and videos - and express themselves in unique and beautiful ways both inside and outside the classroom.

With Adobe Express, students are able to quickly and easily present information in professional, catchy and creative ways, allowing them to create anything from science fair posters to social studies infographics, journals, language arts essays, lab reports, physics explainers, poetry analysis, and much more. As Adobe Express is so easy to use, it’s a perfect introduction to digital literacy and essential creative thinking skills.

Remember that all the resources and materials in this course are flexible and adaptable, so you’re free to use them however you like to fit your own educational context. You may wish to assign the course video tutorials and lesson plans directly to your students, or you could even use these materials as inspiration to create your own lesson plans and projects that speak directly to your specific educational context.

After completing this self-paced course, you will:

  • understand the basic principles of Adobe Express;
  • gain access to a number of creative techniques to enhance your workflow;
  • gain knowledge from experienced professionals that you can apply to your own classroom context;
  • gain access to free resources to help you create engaging opportunities for your students.

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The learning content in this course will take about 3 hours to fully review, and includes an optional assignment to help consolidate your learning. The course is self-paced, so you’ll be able to work at your own speed through the materials.

Once you have marked each course lesson as complete and your assignment has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive a digital badge and a certificate for 3 hours of accredited professional learning.

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