Understanding the fundamentals of good design is important for any educator who wants to communicate with impact. This course helps teachers and students enrich their creative skillset and deepen their design knowledge. After taking this course, you will understand the basic principles of good design, and how to create engaging classroom activities to help you teach across all content areas.  Whether you teach in a media lab or a history classroom, this course has helpful tips for you.

In this course we’ll introduce you to the principles of great design and explore a variety of key concepts and examples that you can use in your own classroom. You will hear from dozens of experts in the field, and see many examples of lessons and activities you can immediately apply to any classroom context.

After taking this course, you will:

  • Understand the basic principles of design, and learn what good design looks like
  • Gain knowledge from experienced design professionals
  • Experience relevant examples by Adobe Education Leaders and expert educators who are using creativity and Adobe products in their classrooms
  • Apply this new knowledge to your own classroom context
  • Get resources to help you create design-focused learning opportunities for your students

The learning content in this course will take about 1 hour, and includes an optional assignment. By completing the assignment and marking this course as complete, you will receive a digital badge and a certificate for 1 hour of accredited professional learning.

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