Teach your students the value of data analytics

In the 21st century, data is one of our most valuable commodities. Effective analysis of data is vital to the success of modern business; allowing them to make decisions, create customer-driven products and services, boost efficiency, and save time. By teaching your students the principles of data analytics, you're not only giving them a valuable skill set applicable to any industry, you are also boosting their career prospects by increasing their ability to make informed decisions and develop effective long-term business strategies.

This course will focus on Adobe Analytics, an award-winning suite of web and business analytics tools which make it easy for your students to collect meaningful data-driven insights. The course follows the official Adobe Analytics curriculum, and aligns to a global analytics challenge that will allow students to put their new knowledge to the test in pursuit of prizes and career opportunities.

Everything in this course, from video tutorials to assignments and resources, is perfect for assigning directly to your students. Or, if you prefer, you could even use our materials as inspiration to create your own assignments and projects that speak directly to your own educational context. You might also like to use this course to prepare your students for the upcoming 2021 Adobe Analytics Challenge; find out more here.

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In this course, we’ll introduce you to the essentials of data analytics with Adobe Analytics, and explore tools that will help your students create data-driven insights in any area. You will hear from expert educators and see examples of activities you can immediately apply to any classroom context.

The learning content in this course will take about 3 hours, and includes an optional assignment. By completing the assignment and marking this course as complete, you will receive a digital badge and a certificate for 3 hours of accredited professional learning.

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