Adobe Education Train the Trainer: Creative Cloud June-August 2016

Course Closed

This course is now closed. Find out when this course will be offered again and enroll in other courses on the Collaborative Courses page. 

Course Overview

Adobe Education Train the Trainer is a free, eight-week online course designed to equip K12 - Higher Ed education trainers worldwide with the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully design and deliver effective, engaging Adobe professional development.

Throughout the course, we will work with a collaborative community of educators to examine the importance of creativity in education. We will also explore best practices to introduce Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to new and experienced learners, and see fellow educators model engaging activities for students and teachers. Finally, we will apply best practices in adult learning theory and professional development design to create effective professional development session plans.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to design effective, engaging professional development for any Adobe tool that meets the needs of their professional development audience. Participants will learn to:

  • Incorporate strategies to inspire students, educators, faculty, and staff to foster creativity in individuals and school environments.
  • Implement best practices in technology training to encourage educators and students of any skill level to express their ideas and tell compelling stories with innovative digital media.

  • Apply best practices in adult learning theory and teaching and learning to ensure that training sessions are both effective and engaging.

Participants who successfully complete the course will earn an “Adobe Education Trainer” credential and be endorsed by Adobe as a leader in the education technology training space.

For more detailed information about the course and answers to some frequently answered questions, please visit the Adobe Train the Trainer course overview on the Adobe Education Exchange.

Course Timeline and Important Dates

Course begins Tuesday, June 21st.

  • Week 1 available: June 21
  • Week 2 available: June 28
  • Week 3 available: July 05
  • Week 4 available: July 12
  • Week 5 available: July 19
  • Week 6 available: July 26
  • Week 7 available: August 02
  • Week 8 available: August 09

Course ends Tuesday, August 30th (all work must be submitted by this date in order to successfully complete the course).

Pass/fail emails sent: No later than September 15th.

Course Structure

Weekly Self-paced Workshops: Course participants will progress through weekly, self-paced, asynchronous workshops and online discussion forums.

Live Discussions: Optional live discussions will be offered each Tuesday to give participants an opportunity to connect with peers and process weekly learnings. While weekly live discussions are optional, they’re a great way to network and strategize with other professional development leaders across the globe.


In order to successfully complete this course and earn the Adobe Education Trainer credential, participants must complete each weekly workshop by progressing through each week’s content and participating in weekly discussion forums. Participants must also submit iterative weekly assignments, and provide peer feedback on weekly assignments. Finally, participants must submit the final assignment. The course requires approximately seven hours of coursework per week.


The successful completion of this course will require a time commitment of approximately 75 hours, including completion of the final assignment. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a digital Adobe Education Trainer credential. They’ll also get access to the Adobe Education Trainer Group, an online community on the Adobe Education Exchange that offers peer networking opportunities and an exclusive Adobe Education Trainer toolkit.


This course is designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced educators, as well as both those who are new to digital media and those who have a deeper level of expertise. No prior experience using digital media in the classroom is necessary, though a basic knowledge of the Internet and basic understanding of digital media will be helpful.


Lois Kent

Wendy Prantner

Andrea Cebula

Bryan Nielsen

Luise Grice

Adobe Education

amy caterina

Sjaani van den Berg

Wilder Bolanos Gomez

Jason Webb

Ana Laura Gomes

Katherine Yamashita

Claudio Zavala

Elaine Cavalheiro

Course Workshops
Week 1 Explore the importance of creativity in education. Discover Adobe Acrobat. Examine best practices in adult learning theory. Introduce yourself to our collaborative community.
Week 2 Examine barriers to creativity in education. Edit, review and comment on PDFs and create fillable forms with Acrobat. Explore best practices in technology training and submit a pre-plan for your professional development session.
Week 3 Discuss student creativity and technology. Discover tips to introduce Photoshop to new users. Write meaningful learning objectives for your professional development plan.
Week 4 Explore technology and creativity. See engaging Photoshop activities for students. Design a learning path for your professional development plan.
Week 5 Examine the question “Can creativity be taught?” Discover Illustrator for educators. Incorporate best practices for strategic grouping and guided instruction into your professional development plan.
Week 6 Examine the question “Can creativity be assessed?” See an educator model an engaging Illustrator activity for students. Incorporate assessments into your professional development plan.
Week 7 Explore strategies to foster creativity in individuals. Discover InDesign for educators. Share best practices in professional development facilitation.
Week 8 Explore strategies to foster creativity in environments. View an InDesign an activity for educators and students. Share best practices for handling the unexpected during professional development sessions.
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