Skill Builder Design for Print and Screen

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This course is now closed. Find out when this course will be offered again and enroll in other courses on the Collaborative Courses page. 

“This course was amazing! I have never been disappointed with an EdEx course and look forward to each one. I love seeing what others are doing in their classrooms and find so many interesting ideas through these classes” AGP Participant 2016

This is an introductory level free course run by educators. 

This three week course is the starting point for any educator wishing to use Adobe tools to begin their design journey. The course will introduce educators to Adobe InDesign and guide you through producing interesting and inspirational educational resources.

Course Overview

Do you want to be able to create personalised and interesting teaching resources? Do you want to give your students something more than basic word processing skills and you don’t know where to start? Are you intrigued as to what is possible with Adobe InDesign.

This short introductory design course aims to meet the needs of educators wishing to gain the skills required to get started. Whether you want to develop stunning learning resources or share educational content in a variety of formats from print to screen this course will guide you through the exciting landscape and ensure you are a confident content creator and educator. This course will introduce best practice workflows with  Adobe InDesign.

“I've been wanting to learn about interactive/digital publishing for some time. I feel like I have come away with some real skills that I can apply in my classroom.” Participant 2016

This short course is part of a series of Adobe Generation Professional Skill Builder courses designed to help educators to start using Adobe tools to become creators, not just consumers, of digital media. Throughout the series, you’ll learn new tools and techniques, explore best practices for teaching and learning, and unleash your creativity to help drive student outcomes. Drop in for one or engage in many, but we guarantee this series will help you and your students take your digital skills and creativity to the next level. 

What to Expect

This short course kicks off on Monday, March 27 and ends on Friday, April 28. You may work at your own pace through the asynchronous content on the Exchange at any time during the course. 

All work must be submitted no later than 11pm BST on Friday, April 28, if you’d like to graduate and earn course credit.

Course Credit

We anticipate that successful completion of this course will require a minimum 10 hours of your time. After successfully completing this course, you will receive a digital credential that states that you successfully completed 10 hours of professional development. You may share this with others to demonstrate your achievement. Graphic Design is a creative process so the amount of time you spend on your designs will vary.

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Kev Lavery

Greg Hodgson

Adobe Education

Dan Armstrong

Lukas Engqvist

Sjaani van den Berg

Course Workshops
Class 1 We’ll focus on how to get the most from this course, how to use the course platform and how to participate in the live classes. We’ll begin with some design fundamentals and dive straight into creating digital design with Adobe InDesign.
Class 2 Dig deeper into the publishing power of Adobe InDesign and learn to create for print and screen. This is Design 101.
Wrap up and achieving accreditation This section aims to allow time to embed the learning and bring together everything you’ve learned during the course. You’ll reflect on your learning in the course and celebrate the work of your peers.
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