Adobe Generation Professional Games Design Course 17

Course Closed

This course is now closed. Find out when this course will be offered again and enroll in other courses on the Collaborative Courses page. 


About this course

Adobe’s apps give educators and students the tools they need to be creative. Enroll in this collaborative course to build your own digital media making skills and learn how to teach students to use Adobe apps as well as Adobe Fuse and the incredible game engine, Unity to produce highly creative digital outcomes.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the core concepts of game design.

  • Create a simple 3D game.

  • Use the latest Adobe tools to create 3D game characters.

  • Understand character design processes.

  • Integrate creativity and digital media into a curriculum plan for the classroom.

  • Explore best practices for teaching and learning with digital media.

  • Interact with experts from the world of Games Design as well as fellow educators from around the globe.

Who is this course for?

This is an introductory level course. No prior experience is assumed but a basic knowledge of the internet and basic understanding of digital technologies will be useful. Unity is an incredible games engine and we will guide you through the key concepts to start creating a simple game but a higher level of knowledge will be required to further develop a fully functioning game.

How long is the course?

The course runs for five weeks, starting on Monday, November 6, and should take about 10 hours to complete. All coursework must be submitted by Friday, December 22, 2017.

What is the course cost?

It's FREE!

What software/technology will I need?

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Spark

Adobe Fuse



What will I receive when the course ends?

After successfully completing this course, you will receive a digital badge and certificate that states that you have completed 25 hours of professional development.

About Adobe Education Exchange Courses

The Adobe Education Exchange (AEE) is a free learning platform and community, designed by educators for educators, to ignite creativity in the classroom. AEE collaborative courses are designed to help educators and their students use Adobe tools to become creators, not just consumers, of digital media. You’ll learn new tools and techniques, explore best practices for teaching and learning, and unleash your, and your students’ creativity, to help drive positive outcomes. Collaborative courses include a mix of asynchronous content, live class sessions taught by expert educators, and community feedback and collaboration.


Team Edgegain

Greg Hodgson

Adobe Education

Sjaani van den Berg

Mark Shufflebottom

Andrew King

Course Workshops
Orientation In this section you'll meet your course instructors and find out more about the content and structure.
Class 1 Meet the tutors and get oriented to the course program. Download the required software and start thinking about your learning goals. Get familiar with the concepts of games, game design and introduce the initial project ready for modification.
Class 2 World Building - Explore the game engine UI and start to customize the environment to build your game world.
Class 3 Character Development - Learn the Fuse and Mixamo character design workflow, design a character, and replace the default character with your new, custom character.
Class 4 Game Control, Flow, and Rules - Learn how to control game characters, create game flow, and introduce rules into the game.
Class 5 Wrap-Up, Reflection, Complete the Game and Classroom Application - Learn about the challenge and reward cycle and explore the systems for creating a graphical user interface. Reflect on your learning in the course. Celebrate the work of your peers.
Achieving Accreditation This section aims to bring together everything you’ve learned during the course. You’ll reflect on your learning in the course and celebrate the work of your peers.
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