Adobe Youth Voices: Create Change

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Adobe Youth Voices overview

Course overview

The Adobe Youth Voices: Create Change online course is designed to prepare educators to lead youth media making for creative skill development and social change.

The Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) curriculum and training ignites young people’s Creative Confidence – the ability to harness creative skills to solve problems – through the power of storytelling with digital media.

AYV is the Adobe Foundation’s signature global initiative to increase creativity in education. To date, AYV programs are active in over 55 countries, impacting 190,000 youth worldwide.

For the first time, this online course will make available to the general public all of the key elements of this successful program. Now, any educator can integrate the core principles of this successful program and become an Adobe Youth Voices Educator.

This online course will expose you to the key elements of our successful Adobe Youth Voices model. You will build on your knowledge and stretch your skills with media making. You will explore media formats and styles, learn how best to support students in the production process, plan exhibitions, and hone the technical skills necessary to use Adobe media making software. Throughout the course, you will reflect on the practice of youth media and how best to facilitate and encourage the creative process, and impactful media making with your students. It is expected that by the end of this course you will be able to guide young people to truly Create with Purpose, a philosophy that challenges young people to be intentional in the media they create having an impact and affecting change, in their lives their communities and the world around them.

Learning objectives

By completing in this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply a successful model of instructional practice for working with youth and media.
  • Discuss the value and methodologies of youth media making for social change.
  • Select and use various media formats in which youth work can be created.
  • List steps and strategies to facilitating effective youth inquiry and reflection.
  • Forge community connections and strategies for building and engaging audiences.
  • Use Adobe apps to make media with youth


  • Basic word processing, Internet and e-mailing skills
  • Reliable access to a computer and Internet (see Technical Requirements section)
  • Availability to commit at least four hours per week to course activities
  • Working knowledge of English (the course is written and facilitated in English)

How the course works

  • New content is uploaded each Sunday. Work through the content at your own pace, and submit your weekly assignment. Provide feedback to your peers.
  • We estimate you will need to spend approximately 4 hours per week to complete each session.
  • Weeks 1, 5 and 8 will include live Adobe Connect sessions you are required to attend. If you cannot join live, you may watch a recording.

Course timeline

  • Course begins: September 21
  • Enrollment closes: October 25
  • Course ends: November 15
  • Last day to submit work: November 30

Course credit

Successful completion of this course will require approximately 32 hours of your time. After successfully completing this course, you will be a credentialed Adobe Youth Voices Educator. You will receive a digital credential that states that you successfully completed 32 hours of professional development. You may share this with others to demonstrate your achievement.


Oneisha Freeman

Adobe Youth Voices

Tony Streit

Adobe Education

Deidre Searcy

Will Cavada

Dennis Martinus

Gutiérrez Daniel

Katherine Yamashita

Elaine Cavalheiro

Course Workshops
Welcome and orientation During this orientation, you will get acquainted with the online learning environment and become familiar with the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) model.
Making media with youth In this session you will be introduced to youth media making, a practice that gives young people the opportunity to build creative skills and express their unique perspectives. You will also begin exploring Photoshop Elements.
Ideation Learn strategies to support young people in generating ideas for creative media projects. Explore how to use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to make a collage that visually expresses the story of a turning point in your journey as an educator.
Pre-Production Learn techniques for helping youth choose among the possible formats and styles and guiding youth through pre-production. Record a brief video pitch, selling your digital story to the rest of the course participants.
Production Understand how to break down the production process into achievable steps that are easy to facilitate and support. Organize and edit images with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, then share a gallery of images you will use in your final digital story.
Post-production Learn how to support youth in post-production, looking at issues of copyright and the impact they wish to have on their audience. Publish a “rough cut” of your final digital story for review by your fellow course participants.
Exhibition Practice a model for critique and revision, then refine your digital story and submit it to our online exhibition. Learn how to observe and support youth in assessing their own learning and skill development.
Close and next steps Set your own professional development goals beyond this training. Share the plan you’ve developed, and celebrate and reflect on your learning.
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