Adobe Generation Professional: App Design

Course Closed

This course is now closed. Find out when this course will be offered again and enroll in other courses on the Collaborative Courses page. 

Course overview

This course is part of a series of six Adobe Generation Professional courses designed to help educators become creators, not just consumers, of digital media. Throughout the series, you’ll learn new tools and techniques, explore best practices for teaching and learning, and unleash your creativity to help drive student outcomes. Drop in for one or engage in many, but we guarantee this series will help you and your students take your digital skills and creativity to the next level.

Are you interested in app development? Are you constantly being asked to show students how to create apps? Do you teach a computer class and want to take your own class in a new direction through app development? Either way, this intensive 2-week online Adobe Brackets bootcamp is for you.

This professional learning course will help you develop your understanding of what apps are, how they’re made, and what differentiates one app from the next. You’ll learn how to create different kinds of apps using Adobe Brackets, add custom design and layout to coded functionality, and publish your apps using Adobe PhoneGap Build. The five apps you create will serve as models for you to use when bringing these lessons back to the classroom.

All the content you produce can be used to model good practices within your own school or college. Each week of the course will introduce you to a new theme and an industry expert from the world of digital design. As a result, you’ll become more confident with cutting-edge digital tools, more effective as a teacher, and more of an inspiration to your students.

Learning objectives

By completing in this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create five different apps using JQuery, CSS, and Adobe Brackets.
  • Publish an app through different mobile platforms using PhoneGap Build.
  • Develop technical and language skills around app design.
  • Explore best practices for teaching and learning with digital media.
  • Integrate creativity and digital media into a curriculum plan for the classroom.


This is an intermediate-level course. You should have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and jQuery, as well as know your way around the Internet.

If you’ve never used HTML, CSS, or jQuery before, we recommend exploring these two courses from codeacademy before this course starts:

We will be using Brackets to create the apps and PhoneGap Build to publish. It will be helpful to have both on your computer.

Course timeline

  • Course begins: May 31
  • Enrollment closes: June 13
  • First live class: June 2
  • Course ends: June 20
  • Last day to submit work: July 12

Live Classes

Live class sessions will be hosted each day, as below. We offer two choices of time zones:

  • Option A (for course members in Southern Hemisphere time zones): 7:00 p.m. Australian Eastern Time (GMT+10 hours)
  • Option B (for course members in Northern Hemisphere time zones): 7:00 p.m. Central Time (GMT-5 hours)

You may choose to attend either live session, or you may view a recording. All live classes are hosted via Adobe Connect and feature live instruction as well as industry guest speakers.

Important Dates

  • Friday, May 29: Course opens on the Adobe Education Exchange. Review pre-course readings and plan your participation.
  • Tuesday, June 2: Class 1
  • Thursday, June 4: Class 2
  • Monday, June 8: Class 3
  • Wednesday, June 10: Class 4
  • Friday, June 12: Class 5
  • Saturday, June 13, through Tuesday, June16 : Work on your final project. Catch up on any work missed. Post final assignment.
  • Tuesday June 16: Class 6
  • Wednesday June 17, to Saturday, July 11: Catch-up and finish-off days
  • Sunday, July 12: Last day to submit work to the Education Exchange if you want to graduate from the course.

Course Credit

Successful completion of this course will require approximately 25 hours of your time. After successfully completing this course, you’ll receive a digital credential stating that you successfully completed 25 hours of professional development. You may share this with others to demonstrate your achievement.


Greg Hodgson

Pip Cleaves

Jason Carthew

Mark Shufflebottom

Course Workshops
Class 1: Getting started Meet the tutors and get oriented to the course program. Download the required software and start thinking about your learning goals.
Class 2: App Design 101 Introducing Brackets, jQuery, and PhoneGap: What does what? This class is all about rolling up our sleeves and getting into the code.
Class 3: Mobile app design In this class we look at mobile potential in app design. We’ll create a simple thumbscan app and discuss the application within the classroom.
Class 4: Best practices This class is about exploring how users think and how you should solve problems in your app’s design before your users encounter them. You’ll then add a spinner button to create an app.
Class 5: User experience design Class 5 is about exploring flowchart theory and intention in app design. You’ll discover the benefits of paper prototyping your app before you start coding it.
Class 6: Reflect and Review Reflect on your learning in the course. Celebrate the work of your peers. Consider classroom application of your digital media skills.
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