User Experience Design, UX to UI

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This course draws upon best practices from the user experience design (UX Design) industry. Through our weekly live classes, you’ll meet and be inspired by professional designers and educators sharing their stories, tips & tricks. Through our easy-to-follow coursework, you’ll learn to use the same tools industry experts use to create amazing UX and UI designs, including Adobe Experience Design, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

In this course participants will start off examining the users needs and creating relevant documentation that allows a digital, interactive project to have a better fitting, functional, final design. Each week participants will identify key needs that will inform design decisions until the project is ready to be designed graphically as a user interface. In the final weeks of the course participants will create the UI design based on their UX conclusions from the previous weeks.


All Adobe Education Exchange courses are designed by and for educators. This course is taught by world-renowned faculty members, representing some of the top design schools in the world. And our curriculum is designed to help you learn new tools and techniques, explore best practices for the classroom, and unleash your creativity to help drive student outcomes.

What to Expect

The course kicks off on Monday, February 13th and ends on Friday, March 31st. You may work at your own pace through the asynchronous content on the Exchange at any time during the course. 

Live Class 1 takes place at the following date and time: Wednesday, February 15.

We anticipate that successful completion of this course will require a minimum 25 hours of your time. After successfully completing this course, you will receive a digital credential that states that you successfully completed 25 hours of professional development.

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There are no prerequisites for this course. However, if you do want to brush up on your skills or learn more about the Adobe products in this course, check out these short, self-paced workshops to enhance your teaching and learning:

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Course Workshops
Orientation In this section you'll meet your course instructors and find out more about the content and structure.
Class 1 Defining the problem. Creating the solution. Choosing an area in which to work, students will start by trying to understand what the problems are or might be for the user. Some of these may be technical, i.e. what platform best enables the project to work
Class 2 Defining the scope of the project. Now that the problem has been identified and user needs and goals are understood it’s time to think about what information should go on each page.
Class 3 Prototyping and testing. Using the paper prototypes from the week before test out the project on a user. Tips on conducting the study and demonstrate how this occurs with video.
Class 4 Participants will create a mood board of graphic inspiration around the theme of their project. From this a style tile will be established which will show the colours, typography and design elements that will be used.
Class 5 Digital Prototype. The final stage will be producing a working prototype. The video’s will teach participants how to do this with Adobe’s new app XD.
Achieving Accreditation This section aims to bring together everything you’ve learned so you can complete all the stages of your final project, create your final assignment. You’ll reflect on your learning in the course, celebrate the work of your peers, and consider classroom b
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