PDF ePortfolios, assessment, and administrative productivity

Student coursework is the cornerstone of measuring achievement and learning. As students use new tools to express their understanding of course material, you need new ways to assess their work and help them showcase it. As you plan your courses, learn how you can streamline tasks like lesson planning and student record keeping. Use these four guides to learn how to:

  • Help students create personalized, media-rich electronic portfolios, or ePortfolios, of their coursework in Adobe® PDF
  • Make use of the commenting and reviewing tools to digitally assess coursework
  • Streamline lesson planning using PDF forms
  • Use security, accessibility, data collection, and batch processing tools to take paper-based document processes electronic

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Creating Electronic Portfolios With Adobe Acrobat

Electronic portfolios are an ideal way for students to gather and showcase their work. In this guide, learn how to use Adobe Acrobat® software to help students create media-rich PDF ePortfolios and share their work with teachers, peers, and prospective employers.

Digital assessment with Adobe Acrobat

To evaluate digital coursework, you need enhanced assessment tools with capabilities for digital commenting and collaborative reviewing. Digital assessment is particularly appropriate for grading collections of projects or ePortfolios, yearlong projects, and multimedia projects. In this guide, learn how to use the commenting, markup, and collaborative reviewing capabilities in Acrobat to digitally assess your students' coursework.

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Generating lesson plans with Adobe Acrobat

Planning daily coursework for your students can be a daunting task. When you create forms in Acrobat, you automate lesson planning and save valuable time. In this guide, learn how to create custom lesson-plan forms with which you can quickly map out your teaching plan.

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Streamline administrative tasks with Adobe Acrobat

Moving from paper-based document processes to digital workflows reduces a huge amount of consumption, waste, pollution, and environmental impact. It also reduces cost, saves time, increases campus productivity, and promotes collaborative teaching. Administrators can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to efficiently, inexpensively, and more securely create and distribute content across the campus.

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