October 1992 - Present (27 years 9 months)

Education and Community Outreach

Museo De Las Américas Other | Adult Education , Secondary , Higher Education , Primary Viejo San Juan Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

In 27 years we have received over 850,000 visitors: students of all ages, hosted renowned artists from the Caribbean and the Americas, and have been visited by tourists from all over the world. The diversity of our exhibitions helps us bring a range of arts and education workshops, conferences, symposia, music events, and other activities. The MLA is an inclusive, multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multidimensional learning environment for diverse audiences.


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Educación MLA Education and Community Outreach

Educación MLA

Education and Community Outreach
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Dedicated Museum at historic Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, established to revisit the history and cultural points of view of Puerto Rico and the Americas

San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States
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