March 2013 - Present (7 years 3 months)

Computer Education Teacher

Saint Jude Catholic School Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Primary Manila Philippines

Teaches the Computer subject – focusing on Microsoft Basic Applications, (MS Paint, MS Word, MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel) HTML Programming and Robotics (Platform: Abilix), Writes educational guides (daily lesson plans) and corresponding assessments (formative and summative assessments), Administers and facilitates students with interdisciplinary activities in the Computer Laboratory, Trains Cyberkids in Scratch Programming, Robotics for National and International Level-Competition, et


Adobe Products
Skills & Specialties
has proficient skills in adobe photoshop macromedia flash and adobe after effects visual basic programming turbo c / basic and javascript html web designing using adobe dreamweaver and adobe rome ; expert in all microsoft office programs and tools • has average communication skills in the english language (oral and written) robotics programming (abilix) scratch programming coach judge and facilitator in ict competitions

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Simple Graphics Rubric Assessment 1 7

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Certification By jordan Delacruz 0 17