August 2001 - Present (18 years 11 months)

Creative Digital Media Instructor

Rcoe-riverside, Ca Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Adult Education , Secondary Riverside California United States

Hired by Riverside County Office of Education in 2001, currently on assignment teaching high schoolers in the Coachella Valley Unified School District; the challenge has been the same: Break down this complicated graphic design software to the minds of the unexperienced. It's not a bad thing, is a state of mind. I tell my students in order to master Photoshop, you must dive in 100% -otherwise, why are you here? Most get it. Those that won't is because they choose not to.


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photo compositing photoshop advanced illustration graphic design (print) photo editing app creation video editing pbl lesson planning bilingual educator

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Expansion NFL Team (Fictional) Project Based Lesson Presentation 2 227
"My Battery is Low and it's getting Dark..." Project 3 28
Apple AirDrop - what is it? How to use it? Presentation 3 19

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