April 1989 - Present (29 years 5 months)


Kibbutz Samar Administrator | Primary Eilat Israel

I worked with preschool kids for 22 years in the kibbutz , since 2010 i work as a designer and web designer in our region and abroad.


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Hungry Photoshop: in every update it eats the open with photoshop... Technical Tutorial 3 1009
Learning Kerning Technical Tutorial 2 36

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Creativity and Noise By Susanne Tamir 30 13617
Susanne Tamir Web+ designer

Susanne Tamir

Web+ designer Kibbutz Samar
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*1962 Würzburg, Studies: Free Painting and Graphics at the Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf; I moved to Israel in 1981 Since 2009 freelancer in Design

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