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Emotion Media Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Adult Education Taipei Taiwan

Contact the field of audio and video animation, computer graphic from the university. After graduation into the TV channel image packaging work, since the opening of the interest in creative design! In addition to the creation of the usual, and adhere to the spirit of continuous learning, will be applied to the publishing and innovation. Now set the goal of life-long education, and Teacher Piao Piao like to share the design experience and creation!


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photo compositing epublishing cerative design and concept photoshop advanced create tutorials illustrator advanced animation design media design

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Merry X'mas by Animation from Teacher Piao Piao Presentation 0 3111
Merry X'mas eCard Presentation 0 2790
Merry Christmas eCard from teacher Piao Piao Digital Asset 0 2259

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Teacher " Piao Piao" Computer Graphic, Animation Designer. Teacher PS, AI, InD , AE, Premere and publish how to be a desiger with these softwares.

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