October 1988 - Present (30 years 2 months)


Elzendaalcollege, Boxmeer Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Secondary Boxmeer Netherlands

Over the years I've been a teacher in History, Geografy, Technology, and since 2015 ciphering and Design & Innovation, in the latter I use the Adobe-products. My experience is therefor not so great, but I use it almost every day with the children and like to learn in the Adobe courses.


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Introductie in Illustrator Technical Tutorial 0 936
Architecture and Spark course Project 0 514

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Karel te Lintel Hekkert teacher

Karel te Lintel Hekkert

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Hi, I'm a teacher in a few subjects; Design and Innovation Ciphering and geography in the Netherlands, at the Elzendaalcollege in Boxmeer.

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