January 2016 - January 2018 (2 years 0 months)

Head of eLearning Pedagogy

John Paul College Curriculum/PD Staff | Secondary Daisy Hill Queensland Australia

9 years of secondary school teaching, primarily in the Digital Technologies faculty, Year 9 -12 in the Visual Arts, and Year 10 in Film & TV.Currently the Head of eLearning Pedagogy, as of 2016, offering solutions, assitance and examples of best practice to efficiently and effectively embed the digital curriculum into teaching practice across all areas of learning K-12.

January 2006 - January 2016 (10 years 0 months)

Senior Visual Art Teacher

John Paul College Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Secondary Daisy Hill Queensland Australia

Programmes and Units written, delivered, assessed, collaborated, stressed and enjoyed; Year 9 - 12 - Visual Arts Yeqr 10 - 12 - Creative Arts Year 10 - Film, TV and New Media


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Key Frame Animation in Photoshop - "Beam me up!" Project 8 2954

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