January 2000 - Present (20 years 3 months)

Technology Manager/Technology Teacher

Korowal School Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Secondary Hazelbrook New South Wales Australia

Teaching Multimedia and Design in Australia I also develop a curriculum that focuses on Project Based Learning, Digital Literacy and holistic educational practices such as Big History. As an AEL I tutor teachers both locally and internationally through the exchange in the educational applications of Adobe Products.


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Adobe Products
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editing/post software development film & digital photography art teaching

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Animating with Flash: Cel-based animations Presentation 6 3496
What I Do in junior Computing and Multimedia Presentation 4 3359
Digital Technology Lesson Plan 4 814

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Is the culture of risk aversion stifling creativity? By Jason Carthew 2 26
Jason Carthew IT Manager, Technology teacher

Jason Carthew

IT Manager, Technology teacher Korowal School
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Technology Teacher and Technology Manager at Korowal School.

Hazelbrook, New South Wales, Australia
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