August 2007 - Present (10 years 6 months)

Teacher Graphic Design & Digital Publishing

Sintlucas Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Secondary Eindhoven Netherlands

It's our job to introduce and guide our students through the world of Creative Productions. We learn them to provide solutions in the problems they encounter. They learn to design, produce and maintain their contact with costumers. In our education we take full advantage of all the opportunities that Adobe has to offer. We select the media that best suits specific goals. Ideas become solutions through the innovative technologies provided. We can hear it when opportunity knocks.


Adobe Products
Skills & Specialties
digital publishing suite indesign concept & design curriculum digital publishing graphic and digital design digital and print layout illustrator illustration flat design photoshop

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Title Type Rating
https://www.behance.net/digitalpublishers Web Link 1 3253
e-learning support Technical Tutorial 0 1429

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