February 2015 - Present (5 years 5 months)


Bookanaut Other | Higher Education Copenhagen Denmark

I'm the founder of Bookanaut, an online platform for sport and health. My vision for Bookanaut is to create a platform where people easily can find therapists and information about sport, health and injuries such as heel spur, runner's knee and jumper's knee. I started Bookanaut as I have met many interesting and great trainers and therapists how fight with digital marketing.

January 2016 - Present (4 years 6 months)


Forsikring.io Other | Adult Education Copenhagen Denmark

I'm the founder of on online platform for insurance products. I often use adobe products in my everyday work. I use adobe photoshop and Lightroom as mostly use the programs to adjust images and illustrations. I founded Forsikring.io as many people have a hard time finding the right insurance. Often they first discover that they do not have the right insurance when they have an accident. At that point it is a bit too late... Forsikring.io amis at reaching them before that point...


Adobe Products

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Jakob Boman Founder of Forsikring.io and Book...

Jakob Boman

Founder of Forsikring.io and Bookanaut
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Digital entrepreneur and consultant looking for inspiration. I'm the founder of Forsikring.io and Bookanaut. Read about my projects on bomanconsulting.dk

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