January 2005 - May 2017 (12 years 4 months)

Formador de Informática

Iefp Trainer | Adult Education Lisboa Portugal

Trabalho como Formador de Multimédia, com o Instituto de Emprego, e dou Formação a desempregados. (I work as Computer Instructor in Multimedia Area, and teach Unemployed people, through Employment Institute). Here is the URL of my Website: http://www.kundanweb.com

January 2001 - January 2003 (2 years 0 months)


M&p, Informática, Ldª Teacher/Instructor/Professor | Adult Education Lisbon Portugal

I prepared and teached Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - for the first time. It was included in Webdesign Course.


Professional Development (5)
Adobe Products
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Skills & Specialties
create applications using adobe flash - and actionscript. create games with actionscript 3.0 create websites with photoshop (design layout) animation (flash) and structure (dreamweaver)

Teaching Resources (13)

Title Type Rating
Illustrator quiz Assessment 1 3052
Adobe Premiere Quiz Assessment 0 1376
Flash Practical Test example Assessment 0 839
Adobe Animate CC Intro Presentation 2 801