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These free, creative high school projects, activities, and lesson plans are designed to fit your teaching needs and create rich learning environments for high school students.

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About this collection of high school math projects and activities

The Adobe Education Exchange is a free learning platform that provides innovative learning material, designed by educators for educators, to promote digital literacy and drive excitement in the classroom. The Adobe for Education team hand-selects every resource in our curations to ensure it meets subject standards while captivating students through digital applications of learning. Our creative lesson plans, projects, and activities incorporate a range of digital tools and media so you can plan challenging and original high school math classes.

Whether you're looking for supplementary material to introduce new topics or you want to create an entire math curriculum, we offer flexible resources that can be modified and adapted to fit your specific teaching needs and fulfill students' learning goals. We’ve made it as easy as possible to use our unique resources by including tutorials and step-by-step instructions in each high school math activity and project.

All of our high school math lesson plans will easily integrate into your curriculum or you can use them as inspiration across topics and software licenses. Our unique learning material challenges students to express themselves in new ways and motivates them to learn content more deeply. These creative and flexible resources will help you plan amazing high school math classes and prepare students to be successful, creative problem-solvers in the 21st century.

Challenge and engage students with creative high school math projects

Go beyond subject knowledge and create a rich and dynamic learning environment with the help of our free creative resources. The high school math lesson plans and activities collected here will challenge and develop students' reasoning, abstract or spatial thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. These math projects for high school students incorporate unique media and technology applications to help you create powerful and exciting high school math classes. Our free, adaptable, and creative resources will help you create a learning experience unlike any other.

Whether you're new to or well-versed in Adobe’s software, our digital tools can easily be integrated into your upcoming high school math lesson plan or course unit and adapted to fit your school or district's software or license type. These high school math activities don’t require a particular software license and can be used across any device. Our team has ensured that every resource is accessible so you can spend less time planning and more valuable time with your students. Incorporate 21st-century skills and competencies into the math classroom with ease and create fun, exciting, and memorable learning experiences.

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The creative opportunities provided by Adobe’s digital tools challenge your students to learn content more deeply and make math projects fun and creative. The implementation of our resources encourages students to express complex math topics through slide presentations, podcasts, and videos. Your students will enjoy presenting information digitally and breaking down complex math topics into more digestible formats.

Experience says learning mathematics is made easier and enjoyable if your curriculum includes hands-on activities. The introduction of digital tools and media will challenge your students to think critically and present information digitally. Our resources empower you to teach math creatively and encourage students to learn beyond content knowledge.

Our curation pages on the Adobe Education Exchange make it easy to find math lesson plans or activities that are in alignment with your curriculum and teaching goals. We've hand-selected the resources in this curation to ensure you can create a dynamic and purposeful learning environment.