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These free math projects and exercises will inspire your students’ imaginations and help to create a rich, creative, and dynamic classroom environment.

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About this collection of math activities

Our education team has hand-selected these free math resources to empower you to deliver engaging, magical, and creative learning experiences. Our creative lesson plans, projects, and activities incorporate a range of digital tools and media so you can challenge students of all ages with unique and exciting learning opportunities. Beyond disciplinary skills and content knowledge, our resources provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to become successful, creative problem-solvers. From young learners through to higher education, the Adobe Education Exchange has the resources you need to make math education fun and memorable.

Our math projects and exercises are designed to be ready to use in your classroom right away, but they can also be used as inspiration across topics, subjects, and software licenses. Would you like to inspire young learners to create a video about pizza fractions? How about creating an illustration with geometric shapes? Or do you need more math project ideas to help make difficult topics more digestible? Regardless of how you choose to use our resources, either as supplemental material or to design a whole course, they’ll motivate students to learn content more deeply.

Each one of these resources is written with classroom ease of use at top of mind and designed for maximum engagement and excitement. Use our creative and flexible resources to prepare students to be successful, creative problem-solvers and watch their appreciation for math unfold.

Spark students’ imaginations and increase engagement

Introduce the Adobe Education Exchange’s unique math activities into your classroom to promote digital literacy. Our flexible resources can be modified and adapted to fit your specific teaching needs and fulfill students' learning goals, regardless of their proficiency in math or knowledge of Adobe’s software tools. To streamline your planning process, we’ve done all the heavy lifting and included tutorials and step-by-step instructions in each of our resources.

Whether you're new to Adobe or a seasoned user, you can very easily integrate our free digital tools into your upcoming lesson plan or course unit. Incorporate 21st century skills and competencies into the math classroom with ease and create fun and immersive learning experiences.

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Explore the curation pages on the Adobe Education Exchange to find math lesson plans that align with your curriculum and teaching goals. Whether you’re an elementary teacher looking to inspire young learners or an instructor working with higher education students, we have many exciting resources designed to captivate students and develop important skills.

The creative opportunities provided by Adobe’s digital tools challenge your students to learn content more deeply and make these math projects fun and creative. Your students will enjoy presenting information digitally and breaking down complex math topics into more digestible formats.

Learning mathematics is easier and more enjoyable for students with hands-on activities. Challenge students to create visual maps with lines and angles or analyze an architectural structure to help them dive deeper into new math concepts. The Adobe Education Exchange has exciting digital resources that will engage and motivate your students.