8th grade history projects

Selected by the Adobe for Education team

Engage students and turn history class into an unforgettable learning experience with this exciting collection of free and creative eighth grade history resources.

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About this collection of 8th grade history resources

The Adobe Education Exchange team has taken the guesswork out of delivering an exciting, engaging, and meaningful history education. We’ve hand-selected these free eighth grade lessons and projects to provide you with resources you need to fulfill your teaching objectives. Whether you need a large, comprehensive project or a small supplemental activity, this diverse selection of resources has just what you need. In addition to varying in complexity, length, and project format, the range of digital tools and media in this collection will introduce students to many different creative applications of learning.

Do you want to teach students about ancient civilizations by asking them to produce a short video? How about creating an infographic highlighting a defining event or figure of the last century? Or inspiring students to craft a unique presentation about their family’s history? By putting creativity at the forefront of the Adobe Education Exchange, we’ve made it simple to use digital tools to drive excitement in the classroom.

Level-up your teaching by incorporating 21st century skills and competencies into the history classroom. Our resources are designed by educators, for educators, with student excitement, creativity, and engagement at top of mind. Implementing digital media into your eighth grade history curriculum will help students express complex ideas through presentations, podcasts, videos, and more.

Increase participation with creative 8th grade history lessons

Our easy-to-use and flexible eighth grade history projects can be adapted to your style of teaching to create fun and memorable learning opportunities. It’s easy to begin teaching with Adobe’s digital tools by taking advantage of our free and accessible curriculum resources. And even if you’re new to Adobe’s software, the step-by-step instructions packaged with each of these eighth grade history projects allow you to quickly and simply integrate these resources into your curriculum. Identify the tools that your school or institution has already adopted and access our software across mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

The Adobe Education Exchange provides you with the tools and resources you need to deliver meaningful and creative courses. Whether you’re seeking supplemental material to support your upcoming lesson plan or need material for a whole course, you can count on our creative resources to deliver an unforgettable learning experience.

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Leverage the Adobe Education Exchange’s suite of digital tools and platforms to develop creative history activities. Challenge your students to think creatively by visualizing information in different formats, whether it’s videos, slide presentations, or podcasts. The clever incorporation of digital media in all of our learning resources is guaranteed to infuse your classroom with excitement, critical thinking, and creativity.

Infuse creativity into the classroom by selecting from our unique resources, hand-selected by our education team. Challenge students with these easy to use history lesson plans, including detailed instructions and supplemental material for a comprehensive course. Our resources are designed to inspire creativity and expand students’ skill set through the application of software tools.

Browse the Adobe Education Exchange for unique and thought-provoking teaching resources. Easily find the activities and lesson plans you need to fulfill your teaching objectives. Whether you’re introducing new topics or revisiting old ones, we have creative, adaptable resources that will help you deliver a meaningful history education.