7th grade history projects

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Spark students’ imagination and make history class an exciting and immersive learning experience with our free seventh grade history resources.

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About this collection of 7th grade history resources

Our education team has compiled these unique and immersive history resources to challenge students to interpret, reflect on, and create their own multimedia artifacts. All our seventh grade history projects are created and curated by expert educators with years of classroom experience in a variety of subjects and age levels; thus the learning materials collected here span a variety of formats, from virtual presentations to podcasts to video, with each resource specially designed to increase engagement, spark imagination, and maximize fun in the classroom. This diverse curation of creative seventh grade history lessons and projects will challenge students to make use of digital platforms and tools to learn content more deeply.

Do you want to teach your students about past societies, systems, ideologies, and cultures? Or ask them to reflect on how particular technologies have developed over time? Or introduce historical figures who had a major impact on society, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Theodore Roosevelt, or Genghis Khan? Each resource provides a unique opportunity to incorporate digital applications of learning into the classroom. Additionally, our easy-to-use and flexible seventh grade history projects can be adapted to your style of teaching or even across topics to create exciting learning opportunities. Introduce your students to our unique learning materials and watch their appreciation for history skyrocket!

Inspire creativity with unique 7th grade history lessons

Regardless of your students’ proficiency with digital tools and software, the Adobe Education Exchange has made it easy to introduce creative applications of learning in every classroom. Each resource provides clearly defined software instructions that minimize friction in students’ learning experiences. To ensure students can expand their skill set and learn creatively, we’ve selected resources that incorporate a variety of creative tools and lesson types. All our resources are free and easily accessible so that you can find the perfect lesson or project to round out your seventh grade history curriculum.

Our seventh grade history lessons and projects help students develop the ability to communicate effectively, work independently or collaboratively, and contextualize and process online information. We have thoughtfully designed every lesson to be easily adaptable to the unique needs of your classroom and to excite students to learn content more deeply while also fulfilling their learning goals. From hands-on group activities to longer-term digital applications of learning, our incorporation of digital tools will challenge your students to think outside the box.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the Adobe Education Exchange’s course "Design Your Creative Class" to prepare creative, fun, and engaging history lesson plans. Our resources are designed to challenge students to expand on their learnings through the creative use of digital media and tools.

Browse our history curations on the Adobe Education Exchange to find history lesson plans aligned with your curriculum and teaching goals. Whether you’re introducing new topics or revisiting old ones, we have creative, adaptable resources that will help you deliver a meaningful history education.

Make history activities more creative by leveraging the Adobe Education Exchange’s suite of digital tools and platforms. Challenge your students to think creatively by presenting information in different formats like slide presentations, podcasts, videos, or mobile applications. The clever incorporation of digital media in all of our learning resources is guaranteed to introduce excitement, critical thinking, and creativity into the classroom.